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It’s fascinating to catch a glimpse into the personal life of someone as iconic as James Dean. This series by photographer Dennis Stock features a 1950s Dean in both New York City, lounging around his fifth-floor walk-up at 19 West 68th Street, and Fairmount, Indiana, visiting his hometown. At the time, the renowned actor was young and just discovering his success. Stock began this photojournalistic project because he was interested in documenting “the environments that affected and shaped the unique character of James Byron Dean” as the young man grew into his fame. 



Currently mood: waiting for Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller to do the ice bucket challenge.

"Glen was described as this big blond surfer jock type and here I was, this little scrawny, pale little guy with long dark hair starched to death with five-day old hairspray." - Johnny Depp

George Clooney Wins Best Actor Motion Picture Drama - Golden Globes 2012

I have no regrets. If you regret things, then you’re sort of stepping backwards. I’m a believer in going forwards.

Mother of dragons. Mother of monsters.

What have I unleashed upon the world?

  1. me: ends incredibly depressing sentence with "lmao"


i can’t be mad at any animal for more than 2 seconds